4 Steps to Dusting the Right Way

Some people cover nasty carpet stains with rugs or use air freshener to mask bad smells, but there’s no way to hide dust. It will eventually make itself known. Which is a good.....

Office Pet Peeves

What’s Your Biggest Office Pet Peeve?

What’s the one thing that you wish wouldn’t happen at work? Is it the smelly bathroom, sick coworkers or messy office? Maybe it’s the loud talkers or messy refrigerator? Whatever it is, we.....


10 Ways Your Janitor Should Be Like Santa

What do you know about your janitor? If you don’t know much, you definitely can notice they’ve visited– the trash has been emptied and the floors are cleaner. This holiday season, do they.....


20 Things We’re Thankful For

Time to make a list and check it twice, and not for holiday gifts but for people, relationships, health, jobs and other things that bring a smile to our face. While we enjoy.....


Why Veterans Lead in Small Business Ownership

What do you picture when you think of veterans? When we picture veterans, independent franchised business owners comes to mind. Why? Did you know that veterans employ nearly 6 million workers and account.....


Ways to Make Your Monday Happier at the Office

Do you like Mondays? On Mondays, people get on an average only 3 hours of work done, call in sick the most, and many feel more depressed on a Monday than any day.....

4 Things to Ask Your Office Cleaner

4 Things to Ask Your Office Cleaning Company

Remember these when picking an office cleaning service

If you’re hiring a new office cleaning service, what should you ask from the get go? Do “How much do you charge,” “How can I pay,” and “How often do you clean” sound.....


2 Reasons Why People Come To Work Sick

2014 Flu at Work Stats

The latest study about flu in the workplace has produced some interesting and share-worthy results. The good news? There’s a drop of the percentage of people who come to work sick. The bad.....

How scary is your flu?

QUIZ: How scary is your flu?

Find out how you rank and what you can do to avoid germ spread this flu season

Nothing’s more scarier than a fever and chills during any holiday – especially Halloween. How do you measure up against the creepy things that go bump in the night? Do your flu symptoms.....

How do you keep your office clean?

4 Steps to a Cleaner Office

How do you keep your office clean?

Online guides for office-related problems are useful and extremely popular and it’s a no-brainer – with 40 or more hours per week at your desk or cubicle, it makes sense to find ways.....