4 Questions to Ask About Fall and Flu Season

4 Questions to Ask About Fall and Flu Season

Autumn is upon us. How do you notice fall is here? Is it the pumpkin-flavored coffees at your favorite café, sweaters on sale at the mall or the telltale sign of fall –.....


5 Hand Washing Do’s and Don’ts

Do your co-workers wash their hands the right way?

Global Hand Washing Day kicks off October 15th. Although hand washing is one of the best ways to protect yourself against infectious diseases (and their spread), according to research, only 5% of people.....


SLIDESHOW: 9 Handwashing statistics that’ll make you feel dirty

Global Handwashing Day 2014 is October 15th!

Infection control is a hot topic right now due to the Ebola outbreak in various parts of the world and Enterovirus (EV-D68), which is affecting children and teenagers across most of the United.....

CLICK AND LEARN: Is your office ready for flu season?

CLICK AND LEARN: Is your office ready for flu season?

Shopping season, holiday season, vacation season – those are “seasons” we wait for with excitement. Flu season? Not so much, and for obvious reasons. Nothing sends us to the other side of the.....


Ebola in the US: The importance of proper infection control

With the first case of Ebola in the United States many are asking – what should I do? The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Thomas Frieden, assures the.....


9 Confessions about Germs

One of the perks of being online is the ability to express yourself in different ways through social media, phone apps and other popular channels of expression. Whisper, an app that has skyrocketed.....


Spotlight: 2 Hot Cities for Small Businesses

Why Chicago and Atlanta are special

Every city has its perks and unique cultural landscape that can help you achieve your personal or career aspirations. But what if you want to see what’s out there, where to go and.....


5 Tips for Fall Cleaning

Spring isn't the only time for a quality office cleaning.

The official first day of autumn is September 23rd and as much as we’ll miss summer BBQs and pool parties, there’s something special about the turning leaves and crisper, cooler temperatures. Springtime shouldn’t.....

IFA, franchisees of the year

Long Island’s Own Metro Cleaning Solutions Honored by IFA as Franchisees of the Year

Coverall franchised business owners Adam Schoenfeld and Sebastian Pica of Long Island-based Metro Cleaning Solutions, Inc. were honored by the International Franchising Association (IFA) as Franchisees of the Year at the 15th Annual.....

Do you hang your toilet paper roll so it comes off the top or bottom?

Coverall Pro Series: What’s the over under on your TP?

How’s it hangin’? Football season is here and fans are getting ready to celebrate with their traditions, superstitions, ridiculous Sunday rituals and food, lots of food! That being said, there’s one more important.....