5 Reasons College Grads Should Consider Franchising

5 Reasons Recent College Grads Should Consider a Career in Franchising

By Diane Emo, Vice President of Marketing at Coverall North America, Inc.

Graduation 2014 recently unleashed 1.6 million graduates into the workforce, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. While this is an exciting time for grads (and their parents), it is also full.....

Back to school, Back to flu?

Back to School, Back to Flu?

Time for a pop quiz! Which one of these items found in schools has the most germs? a. Computer keyboard b. Toilet seat c. Cafeteria tray Is it the computer keyboard? Nope. Although.....


Icky Germs – Teaching Kids Proper Hand Hygiene

A child’s mind is like a sponge; it absorbs everything they hear and see. This is great when teaching them to tie their shoes, brush their teeth, and avoid dangerous things. But, what.....


What type of sneezer are you?

How to help reduce the spread of germs

We all have our own way of sneezing. Some are so loud you can hear it through the entire house (or office), others are high pitched and others are downright funny. Many say “Bless you”.....


Clean Your Bathroom Like the Pros!

By: Diane Emo, Vice President of Marketing for Coverall North America, Inc.

On a scale of 1-10, how dirty does your bathroom get each day? How big is the room? Is there a lot of clutter on the floor, in the shower and around the.....


The ABC’s of Daycare Clean

When picking a daycare center for your child, questions that may be on top of your list include who will be watching your kids, how attentively, and the type of environment they’ll be.....


Poll: Germs and hospitals

20 percent of the U.S. population suffers from what is called “white coat syndrome,” or simply put, fear of doctors. Face it, most of us find hospitals and doctor visits frightening, and now.....


CLICK AND LEARN: How Germs Rule Your Break Room

The break room. A place for a break, to load up on donuts, caffeine and time to catch up on gossip. What you probably didn’t know is that bacteria are also enjoying your.....


What You Didn’t Know (But Should) About Carpet

June 21 marks the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Cleaning, especially carpet cleaning hits all-time highs in google search around this month. It’s not surprising, with weather.....


Your Cleaning Checklist

What to look for in your office cleaning program

This isn’t your typical cleaning checklist but very important when shopping for quality office cleaning service. Looking for office cleaning can get a little confusing. You may not be sure what needs to.....