10 Scary Virus-Themed Movies for Halloween


Frightening stories that send chills up and down the spine are Halloween staples. Quite a few big-screen films feature germs and disease in the primary plot, preying upon our fears of “that could really happen!” Biological warfare, scary incurable strains, mutating viruses, and a variety of other ways germs can mortally harm us make for terrifying tales.  What better way to spend Halloween than watching a germ-themed horror or sci-fi flick? We’ve assembled a list of 10 scary virus-themed movies (in no particular order) that will send you running for the hand sanitizer!

  1. Cabin Fever – features college kids alone in the woods with a flesh eating virus.
  2. Outbreak – stars a monkey carrying a deadly airborne virus with a 100% mortality rate.
  3. Contagion – a tale of society breaking down during the worldwide spread of a deadly infection.
  4. The Stand – story of survivors after a deadly plague wipes out most of the population.
  5. The Andromeda Strain- a classic film about scientists attempting to contain an alien virus.
  6. 28 Days Later – incurable virus turns humans into monsters, a fresh take on zombies.
  7. 12 Monkeys – time traveler attempts to change history and stop a deadly plague.
  8. I Am Legend – the sole survivor of a plague tries to find a cure.
  9. Quarantine – a virus outbreak causes a mandatory quarantine, but is everyone really safe?
  10. The Crazies – a small town’s water supply becomes contaminated.

Find details on these and movies and more at www.imdb.com

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