Got 30 minutes? What could you clean if you had 30 minutes to spare? An organization called ISSA publishes a booklet of cleaning times – how long it should take to clean various things. We decided to have some fun with it to celebrate Coverall’s 30th birthday this month.

If you didn’t have to prepare to clean, walk from object to object or room to room, or check quality, here’s what you could get done per ISSA standards.*

Time to roll up the sleeves, grab the gloves and get to cleaning!

1. 50-60 desk phones
2. 10-15 microwaves (exterior)
3. 300 dumbbells
4. 20-30 chairs
5. 10-15 lockers (exterior)
6. 10-15 bathroom sinks
7. 10-15 Pilates machines
8. Empty 50-60 trash cans
9. Vacuum 12-15 small offices (HEPA Backpack vacuum)
10. Mop Coverall’s lobby 6-8 times (no-dip flat mop)

*ISSA standards vary depending on the size and type of equipment used, environment and many other factors. Check out their website to learn more. Cleaning mentioned above is damp wiping and disinfecting high touch points on said equipment

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