2 Reasons Why People Come To Work Sick

2014 Flu at Work Stats


The latest study about flu in the workplace has produced some interesting and share-worthy results.

The good news? There’s a drop of the percentage of people who come to work sick.

The bad news? 60 percent of employees still come to work sick.

Why is there still such a significant number who show up sick, even when 88% of managers encourage them to stay at home? According to the study, here are 2 main reasons why:

  1. 40% of them feel there is too much work to do
  2. 31% of them think their boss will appreciate it

The problem with these reasons are that the employee doesn’t get well, their state will affect the quality of work, and their presence may increase the chance of germ spread throughout the typical germ hot spots around the office (watch how a single sneeze can spread).

So, what has contributed to the year-over-year drop in how many employees show up sick?
Mostly the changing attitudes about employee wellness and education and awareness of precautions to take during viral illnesses, such as colds and flu.

  • 27% of employees think that coming in sick affects productivity more than a security breach, disaster or service issue
  • 36% of employees say that their personal productivity is less than 50% of their usual level
  • 70% of employees have some involvement in cleaning their work places
  • 53% of employees take more preventive measures to protect themselves during outbreaks

Are sick employees at your job a problem during flu season?

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If you answered yes to the above question above, read up on the 5 Easy Ways to Keep the Flu Away.

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