Paul Bolz and Tom Murphy Named Coverall’s 2016 Top Franchised Business Owners

Coverall has named Pinnacle Office Services our Franchised Business Owners of the Year for 2016

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Congratulations to Paul Bolz and Tom Murphy our 2016 Top Franchised Business Owners of the Year.

“Paul and Tom operate the largest franchised business in Rochester, New York,” said Scott Schroter, Divisional Director, Coverall. “Through hard work and attention to detail they have successfully grown their business over the last three years.”


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Bolz and Murphy did not have commercial cleaning experience when they entered the industry. They came from the technology sector and leveraged their background in technology to streamline their business operations to create a very efficient model. They utilize computer programs and technology so their 35 employees know exactly what needs to be done on any given day. This approach ensures their 65 clients receive the best customer service possible.

“We’ve have put a lot of effort into making our business efficient and focused on customer service and retention,” said Paul Bolz of 400 Enterprises, Inc. doing business as Pinnacle Office Services. “It’s a great honor to see that our hard work paid off with this recognition from Coverall.”

To qualify for this award, Coverall evaluated franchisees based on their ability to retain and grow their customer base, number of years in operation, revenue and an owner’s ability to manage special services.

“Paul and Tom take advantage of Coverall System training programs to learn new techniques that will help allow them to offer more services to their customers,” added Schroter.

“Commercial cleaning is often viewed as either a “mom and pop”, or a huge company endeavor. We have found that there is a nice middle-ground for people looking to run their own businesses. My advice is to take the plunge,” added Bolz.

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