One of the first things people notice is the floors in your facility. How do they look?  Do your floors make a good impression, or a bad one?

Clean floors depend on a balance between maintenance, protection and deep cleaning. The quality of this process is strengthened with training, professional equipment and experience. Not every floor is created equal, but all floors require an equal amount of care to help you save time, money and avoid a bad customer experience. Here are 4 reasons why clean floors matter and how various facilities deal with floor care:

  • With the use of a Square Scrub® Floor Preparation machine, a Tennessee school was able to get their floors cleaned efficiently and decrease the chance of slip and falls after chemical stripping. Mark Searcy, Coverall Divisional Business Development Manager, praises the Square Scrub’s accuracy, versatility as well as chemical expense savings. “In most cases, no chemical stripper is needed, so it saves on rinsing and applying chemical stripper,” Searcy states. “It gets along edges and into corners eliminating the majority of manual work for corners and edges.”
  • Don’t let your facility management shrug off professional floor care. Slip and falls are responsible for 95 million lost workdays. Grease and food on a restaurant floor are also a common complaint among customers and a reason why some walk out immediately.
  • In an office environment, big or small, where walk-in traffic differs than retail, medical and industrial facilities, floors still need the same type of care and attention.  The cost of floor maintenance is a common worry for many, but maintenance in the long run has its perks.  In some cases, carpet may last up to 10 years if installed and maintained correctly, while hard floors may last up to 22 years.
  • If you’re a small business owner and still deciding on a professional cleaning company to care for your carpet, daily vacuuming is a good start while you decide. According to research, 79% of what’s found in carpets is dry soil that can be sucked up by your vacuum. After vacuuming, check your filter (we suggest a HEPA filter) and empty the dirt and grime to ensure optimal performance. Here’s some useful information on how vacuuming has changed over the decades and why it’s getting even better.

Have you noticed a difference in how your carpets and floors look from a year ago? Is the grout in your lobby or restrooms a bit grimy or the hallway carpet by the bathroom or lunchroom worn and stained more than the rest?

These things are noticeable, and there are lots of options, equipment and services that can help you keep your floors at their best.

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