Some people cover nasty carpet stains with rugs or use air freshener to mask bad smells, but there’s no way to hide dust. It will eventually make itself known. Which is a good thing! Time to roll up your sleeves, put on some music and enjoy a little dusting. There’s a right way to dust, and these pointers will make dusting less time consuming, leave you with a cleaner space, and possibly help improve your indoor air quality.

Microfiber is your friend
If you haven’t used microfiber yet it’s a real shame, because it’s a hero in the world of fighting dust bunnies and grime. Microfiber is made of synthetic fibers that are electrostatically charged and smaller in diameter than a strand of silk! Microfiber is also very efficient, highly absorbant, and can pick up bacteria, pollens, and other irritants.

Take it down
Dusting is not something people look forward to, for obvious reasons. But if you do decide to dust (at least once a month ), do yourself a favor and take down trinkets, papers, plants and other objects before you dust. This way you won’t miss places or waste time moving around objects.

Top to bottom
With all objects out of the way, it’s best to start dusting from the top or highest area to the lowest or bottom area so any dust falls down where you can wipe it clean or vacuum it from the floor. Nothing worse than dust on a freshly cleaned surface.

Suck it up
The last but important steps is to use a vacuum cleaner to take care of any dust bunnies hiding in the corners and any bits of dust that flew down after cleaning. Did you know that the pro’s use vacuums to dust the tops of doors, baseboards, floors and window blinds? It’s a great idea and way to tackle any dust that fell down. And one more thing, does your vacuum use HEPA filters? If not, it should. HEPA filters trap more dust and reduce the amount of dirt and microscopic dust mites. Good news for people with allergies.

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