4 Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips

thanksgiving safety

Another Thanksgiving is almost here! A day we look forward to sharing with family and friends that starts off by waking up and watching the parade, football games, and then filling up on a variety of yummy food. Thanksgiving is a day to reflect and give thanks for what we have. Having a safely prepared dinner should be one of the items on that list.

Turkey is the main course for most Thanksgiving dinners across the country. Improper handling or cooking of this dish can lead to a not very thankful celebration. Don’t be one of the 76 million cases of food poisoning reported each year. If your day will be spent preparing food, especially turkey, please check out these kitchen tips help keep your Thanksgiving feast safe:

  1. Always wash your hands before and after handling any food, especially raw meat to prevent any bacteria from spreading.
  2. Thoroughly wipe down your counters with disinfectant and wash all utensils between food prep. Bacteria can transfer from the cutting board or work surface to food.
  3. Scrub all veggies before cooking or cutting, they can carry bacteria as well.
  4. Follow these 4 simple turkey tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to be assured you are preparing a safe and delicious meal.

Coverall wishes everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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