5 Ideas for Germ Control on the Road


Germ control at work and home is manageable. But what about when you’re traveling? With Memorial Day coming up, lots of families will be taking road trips; also, weddings are popular in the summer months, peaking in June. Whether you’re flying, driving or stopping at hotels and restaurants, here are 5 ideas for controlling the spread of germs “on the road”:

  1. Airplane tray tables and overhead bins are touched by a lot of people – remember to sanitize them
  2. 4 of 6 rental cars have a very high concentration of germs on steering wheels, child safety seats and gear shifts – sanitize those too
  3. Before you reach for your appetizer, remember: restaurant seats are the germiest spots in a restaurant, as well as ketchup bottles. Wash your hands before and after.
  4. Want a lemon slice in your water? Forget it. 70% of lemon slices have bacteria. Next time you drink water, order lemon on the side!
  5. Do you own a business with lots of out-of-town visitors? Almost 50% of Americans factor bathroom cleanliness in decision making on the road. Keep your restroom clean and protect your business reputation! (Click here to learn how the Coverall Core 4SM Process can keep your business clean and healthy)

What’s the nastiest “on the road” experience you’ve had?

Share your stories to cleanfeed@coverall.com and remember to wash your hands and sanitize surfaces when traveling.

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