5 Reasons to Make Handwashing a Habit


We here at CleanFeed are so excited that one of our favorite days of the year is coming up!  October 15th  marks Global Handwashing Day.

Since 2008, the purpose of this annual day is to bring attention to the state of handwashing around the world, reinforce the message of handwashing with soap and share its benefits. Teaching people to wash their hands is only one part of the equation. Global Handwashing Day adopted the theme of “Make Handwashing a Habit” this year, helping people understand the effectiveness of routine handwashing at key times, such as after using the restroom and before and after handling food.

In the spirit of Global Handwashing Day here are 5 Reasons to Make Handwashing a Habit:

  1. It is EASY to do.
  1. It is inexpensive.
  1. Not washing your hands is just plain gross!
  1. It helps prevents the spread of disease and illness-causing germs.
  1. It can save lives by helping to preventing infections

Help protect yourself by making handwashing a habit. Want to do even more to help prevent risk of illness in your office? Check out how the Coverall© Core 4 Process delivers a cleaner, healthier facility!

Spread the word about the importance of handwashing by downloading our free handwashing poster to hang in your office’s restrooms and kitchen areas.


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