5 Reasons to say ¡Gracias!

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Independent, driven, and dedicated are just a few words that describe Coverall Franchised Business Owners. On Cinco de Mayo, we go beyond the celebration to talk about the amazing people who have chosen to start their own franchised businesses. You may have read 5 reasons to start your own franchise – here are 5 reasons we say gracias to our Franchised Businesses for their commitment to the Coverall® Brand.

1. Your pride speaks loudly.
Coverall Franchised Business Owners have expertise, determination, and a deep sense of pride. Their friends, family and employees see it and so do we, which is why we work so hard to support their businesses.

2. You are a strong and growing community.
37% of Coverall Franchised Business Owners are Hispanic and Coverall has been named one of the top 50 Franchises for Minorities 7 years in a row and one of the top 25 Franchises for Hispanics.

3. Your hard work makes a difference.
In any start-up business, working hard makes a difference. Franchisees made a decision to start a business for a lot of reasons. Their personal characteristics and determination can help them achieve their business (and personal) goals.

4. You help your customers.
Coverall Franchisees are trained and certified to deliver the Coverall® Program to their customers. They boost the Coverall Brand for all Franchisees through their excellent customer service and communication.

5. You serve the greater good.
Many Coverall Franchisees are deeply involved in their communities. Their businesses employ people and support charities or other groups.

Coverall Franchised Business Owners – you’ve come to the right place and we’re glad you’re part of the Coverall® System.

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