5 Things You Can Learn From Dad-Entrepreneurs

5 Things You Can Learn From Dad-Entrepreneurs

Parenting and the business world have changed in many ways since your grandfather’s time. More fathers are staying at home or running independent businesses from home, and an increasing number of moms are now working full-time. As a result, business owners today need to stay up-to-date with digital marketing, changing trends and mobile technology.

As much as things have changed, others have stayed the same – especially the passion new entrepreneurs bring to the economy.

Did your father own a business? If so, you may remember the long hours he put in (especially if you worked with him side by side). Starting a business often means hard work, and it can be personally and financially rewarding, as well as a good lifestyle fit. As you find an entrepreneurial way to live your dream, keep the following in mind:

  1. There are no limits to passion.
    Research shows that 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months. This statistic might stop some people, but don’t let it stop you. Ambition, personal drive and goal achievement are characteristics of successful business owners. If you have the passion, then find a business opportunity that matches your personality and provides support and a proven path for start-ups.
  1. Look at the big picture.
    Business owners have days that are more difficult than others, but they remember to keep a big-picture perspective. Tough situations will come and go – look ahead and see how you can grow and learn from your circumstances.
  1. Plan ahead.
    What is your business plan for the next year, or next five years? How big would you like your business to be? How will you get there? If your available time is limited due to family and other commitments, plan ahead so you are prepared to balance your time with your goals.
  1. Be open to change.
    Starting a small business will require you to make changes in yourself, your time commitments and your personal life. Seek advice from others who have succeeded in their business and worked through the changes. Take opportunities to learn as much as you can about running your business. Change can move your business forward in new directions.
  1. Teamwork matters.
    As an independent business owner you’re not alone, even if you work alone most of the time. Find ways to network with others. Team up with others on community events or charitable causes. Find a team of people who support your business and your goals.

 If you’re a father and a new independent business owner, what have you learned in your first year? Let us know at cleanfeed@coverall.com

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