5 Ways Germs are like Pokemon

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Wow – this Pokémon craze seems to be spreading faster than germs through an office building! Since Pokémon GO is all the rage right now, it got me thinking about the similarities between this national craze and germs.  So, I give to you:

Pokémon GO or Germs?

  1. They are all around you, but you can’t see them with the naked eye.
    True for both! They are everywhere but to see both Pokémon and germs, you need some help. Pokémon can be seen in an augmented reality by using the Pokémon GO app on your phone. Germs can only be seen with the aid of a microscope.
  1. They can be harmful to your health.
    While most germs are harmless, there are several that can make you sick or cause disease. As far as Pokémon, it has been reported that numerous people are more active and feel better mentally since beginning to play Pokémon GO. On the flip side, people have fallen off cliffs and caused serious traffic accidents by not paying attention to their surroundings while playing this game.  You decide!
  1. You can pick them up in “spots”
    Both germs and Pokémon GO items tend to collect in certain areas. Surfaces called hot spots are popular public places to pick up germs because several people come into contact with them daily, such as doorknobs and shopping cart handles. In the Pokémon GO world, you can collect free items like Pokeballs and potions at PokeStops. These too are usually public places like parks, landmarks and other types of locations.
  1. They like to hang out in gyms.
    Not only do germs like to hang out in gyms, they thrive in them. Check out the 5 Most Disgusting Places in the Gym before taking your Pokémon there. Yes, Pokémon thrive at gyms too. It’s where you can train them in preparation for battling other Pokémon.
  1. They can be caught.
    That is pretty much the purpose of Pokémon, catching them all! While we can’t offer any tips on hunting and capturing these virtual pocket monsters, we can help with capturing and removing very real harmful germs in your facility.

Our strategy to “catch them all” is the Coverall Core 4® Process.  Comprised of hundreds of specialized cleaning protocols and four advanced cleaning technologies, our program helps remove the most dirt possible while killing and removing germs. Leaving you with a cleaner, healthier facility.

One major difference between the two is its fun and exciting to catch a Pokémon in Pokémon GO.  Catching a virus isn’t quite as much fun. In fact, it’s horrible.  Reduce your risk of catching an illness-causing germ and schedule your appointment with the Coverall System today. Our franchisees are ready to do battle with the germs in your office!


Coverall North America, Inc. and its Master Franchisees license and support more than 8,000 independently owned and operated franchised commercial cleaning businesses worldwide under the Coverall® name and System. Franchise offers made through prospectus only.

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