7 Tips to Avoid This Athlete at the Gym

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Question: do you know what is commonly picked up by walking barefoot in public places such as gym locker rooms or showers? The answer: athlete’s foot.  While athletes may be more prone to this (hence the name), you don’t need to be an athlete to get it. This icky fungus can spread easily through sharing towels, equipment, touching contaminated surfaces, and skin-to-skin contact.

Practice these seven simple tips to help prevent athlete’s foot from getting a foothold on you at the gym or anywhere else.

  1. Always wear flip flops in gym locker rooms, public showers and around swimming pools
  2. Don’t share towels or personal items
  3. Wear breathable shoes and socks
  4. Change socks as needed; sweaty socks are a breeding ground for fungi
  5. Keep nails clipped short and kept clean
  6. Keep feet clean and dry
  7. Use antifungal powder in your shoes to prevent bacteria and fungus

Gym showers and locker rooms should be cleaned and disinfected daily to help prohibit bacteria growth and spread. If you belong to a gym or spa, ask them what precautions they take to help protect the health of their patrons. The Coverall® Core 4 Process utilizes hospital-grade disinfectants proven to kill germs and proper fitness center cleaning techniques to help your gym fight germs and fungi that can cause illness and infection. Learn more about the Coverall® Program and why it’s effective for any type of facility.


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