Achoo! 3 Things to Remember When Improving Air Quality


In our summer guide to germs we talked about all the fun (and unfortunately germy) things we do outdoors. So back to the indoors – where we can spend up to 87% of our time. Indoor air quality is an important part of a healthy environment. Indoor air quality is affected by a few things, including the use of cleaning products, smoking, dust and mold, to name a few.

Did you know that if improper cleaning products are used, the air quality in a closed space can be up to 500% worse than outdoors? Room ventilation can also increase or decrease the amount of indoor pollutants that leak out (or in) from one room to another or from the outside.

Some people are more sensitive to indoor pollution than others. For example, physical effects of sensitivity to indoor air pollutants can include red or itchy eyes, sneezing, nose and throat irritation, and dizziness.

What can you do to start improving your indoor air quality of your office or home?

  • Begin with proper floor care
    We’re not just talking about a shiny floor or a fresh smelling carpet. Carpets, for example, can hold a lot of harmful pollutants such as pesticides, dust mites, mold spores and dirt – which are tracked throughout the building on our shoes. Hard floors can also begin to accumulate the same particles that exist on carpets, especially in high traffic areas.
  • Don’t forget about HEPA
    HEPA filters in vacuums are a must for improving air quality. These filters reduce the particles that would normally be blown around. If you or your janitor has been using the old vacuum cleaner tucked away in a closet, remember that many surfaces will now also have to be wiped down, since dust and particles the vacuum blew around can accumulate on those areas too.
  • Think before you spray
    Make sure to follow instructions on cleaning products and don’t over-spray to avoid having the air full of chemicals. Don’t mix cleaning products together and stay away from pesticides unless the bottle states they are safe to use indoors.

Being outdoors during the summer is a great break from the norm, but when returning from your vacation or a weekend away, pay attention to how you feel when you get back to your office and home. If the quality of the clean is lacking where you work, there are ways to improve your office cleaning services.

For more information on improving the cleanliness of your office contact your local Coverall Support Center.



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