Ask Me about the Coverall Core 4® Process

Each component of the Coverall Core 4 was selected due to its ability to remove the maximum amount of dirt and germs.Is your office Core 4 Clean℠?

Is your office Core 4® Clean?

The technology behind cleaning has changed a lot in the last 5-10 years. It’s not enough for your janitor to just make things look nice. The Coverall® Program goes much deeper to create a healthy work environment that helps reduces the risk of infection and illness.

The Coverall® Program is based on four key cleaning components – the Coverall Core 4® Process. Each component was selected because of its ability to remove the maximum amount of dirt and germs. In fact, when we developed our unique cleaning Program we used an ATP meter to scientifically identify the high touch points (or germ hot spots) in various types of facilities, and then determine the cleaning tools, products and processes that our Franchised Business Owners use together in specific protocols to deliver the optimal healthy clean.

What is the Coverall Core 4® Process?

  1.  Hospital-Grade Disinfectants
    • Proven to kill germs
    • Help prevent the spread of infection and illness
    • EPA-registered (Environmental Protection Agency)
  2. Color-Coded Microfiber
    • Helps prevent cross-contamination
    • Picks up 99% of dirt and germs
    • Can be washed hundreds of times
  3. Flat Mop with Self-Dispensing Bucket
    • 80% better cleaning than a string mop
    • Easier to clean corners and hard-to reach places
    • Ensures that floors are always mopped with clean solution
  4. HEPA Backpack Vacuum
    • Removes 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns
    • Helps improve air quality
    • Quieter than most vacuums (62 db)

What’s most important to you about your cleaning program? Let us know at And don’t forget to ask about the Coverall Core 4®.

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