Attention: You are in a No Spill Zone

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The word no is everywhere. There are signs informing us that we are in a NO ____ Zone. No Parking, No Stopping, No Entry, No Smoking, No Swimming, No Dumping. NO, NO, NO! Signs are placed in these zones for our protection and we, for the most part, follow them. After all, it is pretty easy – you just do what the sign says. No Parking? OK, I don’t want to get towed. No Swimming? Eh, looks pretty gross in that lake anyway. What about a No Spill Zone?

Can you imagine walking into an office building lobby and seeing this posted on the wall – Attention: This is a NO SPILL ZONE! Violators will be forced to clean up their mess. Can you imagine that posted at your workplace? Just do what the sign says and think, no messes, ever!

The fact is, as nice as a No Spill Zone would be, it just couldn’t happen. All too often accidents happen beyond our control, especially at the workplace. A piece of birthday cake dropped frosting-side down on a fabric-covered chair. A carbonated canned drink that accidentally rolled around in your car on the way to work sprays all over your cubicle walls as you open it. And a cup of coffee dripped on the carpet is all too common in offices. If spills aren’t addressed right away, they can set and stain. And that just isn’t pretty. Plus, it can reflect poorly on your business. Dirty or stained carpet can leave a bad first impression; customers and potential customers may assume your entire facility is dirty, smelly or even unprofessional. Appearance matters in any type of facility, so it is important to clean up messes as quickly as possible.

If you happen to find yourself the victim of a spill, here is what you should do:

  • Don’t leave it for someone else to find. Enlist help if needed, but don’t walk away and ignore it.
  • For wet spills, grab a towel or some paper towels and blot up as much of the liquid as you can.
  • For dry spills, pick up as much of the mess as you can before people walk on it.
  • Apply clean cold water to the area. Do not soak the area. Gently pour up to a cup of water to the affected area and immediately blot it up.
  • Inform your Coverall Franchised Business right away of the spill via phone, email or Coverall Log Book.

For larger or tougher spills, a professional carpet or upholstery cleaning might be a better option. Knowledgeable at removing all sorts of stains, your local Coverall Franchised Business can evaluate your problem areas and, before you know it, make it look as if nothing happened. So, go ahead – spill and make a mess, then contact us to help. While a No Spill Zone isn’t possible, a NO MORE SPILL Zone is!


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