Back to School, Back to Flu?

Back to school, Back to flu?

Time for a pop quiz!

Which one of these items found in schools has the most germs?
a. Computer keyboard
b. Toilet seat
c. Cafeteria tray

Is it the computer keyboard? Nope. Although germy (about 3,300 bacteria per square inch) and should definitely be sanitized often. Read on to see how the other choices compare.

What about the toilet seat? Sorry, but even though most people think that the toilet seat is the germiest object of them all, it has fewer bacteria per square inch than the keyboard (3,200).

So, we are left with the cafeteria tray in the lunch room, where kids trade chicken nuggets for sweets, have a little food fight and share their notes. Guess how many bacteria per square inch can be found on a cafeteria tray – a whopping 33,800 bacteria per square inch.

Just because the kids went on summer vacation doesn’t mean the germs did too. Summer classes and teacher activities give those germs something to live for while the kids are away. This is also why colds and flu spread so easily from student to teacher and vice versa.

We’ve covered school and child care centers to show that kids and young adults get sick so often not only because of weaker immunity than adults, but because of the infectious nature of germs in schools where kids are constantly in close contact with each other. Don’t worry, there is a solution and plenty can be done by you and the school administration to help reduce the number sick days and dollars spent on teacher/student absenteeism.

The Coverall® System can help you develop a cost-effective care plan.

Start here by contacting your local Coverall office.

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