Burnt out on Being an Employee? Could be Time for a Change.

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“It still holds true that man is most uniquely human when he turns obstacles into opportunities.” -Eric Hoffer, Philosopher and Author

At times we all feel stressed out at work. Some occupations are simply more demanding than others; nursing is a prime example. Nursing is one of the most respected and, at times, difficult professions. Long shifts plus feeling overworked and under constant pressure are common factors of a condition called nurse burnout. This very real syndrome is a health concern for three out of four nurses. According to a study, the more a nurse is motivated by helping people, the greater the burnout risk. Instead of “leaving the job at the office,” they have a greater tendency to take their feelings and stress home, making it harder to enjoy their time away from work. After a while they can become fatigued or frustrated. Because of job burnout, they may leave the nursing field altogether.

And, with the recent hospital closings due to the surge of outpatient clinics, home-based healthcare, and healthcare system changes, some nurses have found themselves out of work through no fault of their own. So, what is a hard working individual who loves to help people to do?

One option is to turn an obstacle into opportunity and start a professional commercial cleaning business.

Before you say “what???” read on…

Named one of the fastest growing industries in today’s healthcare system, outpatient and urgent care facilities have sprouted up in business centers, strip malls and drugstores across the nation.  While sometimes located in retail spaces, these are first and foremost medical facilities that require special cleaning. A healthy cleaning program, like the Coverall Program, includes hospital-grade disinfectants to kill illness-causing germs and is necessary in these medical environments.

Enter the nurse who wishes to use his or her training and desire to help people, but in a less stressful application. Below are three typical nursing skills that are easily redirected to commercial cleaning business ownership:

1.  Detailed
Nurses are meticulous when it comes to details. Following procedure to a tee, nurses don’t miss a thing. Coupled with an intimate knowledge of the type of clean and special attention medical facilities need, they become ideal candidates to own a Coverall Franchised Business.

2. Communication
Nurses have an ability to listen carefully and talk to people in an understanding manner. Their flexibility and fast thinking allow them to handle just about any customer situation thrown their way. Both skills prove useful in business relationships.

3. Professional
Nurses generally have a strong work ethic, are dependable, and take pride in a job well done. Knowing their efforts impact others makes them proud – another characteristic of a good business owner.

Owning a Coverall® Franchised Business offers many benefits to people in any career field who may be burnt out, out of work, or simply want to work for themselves. Any type of work experience can transfer seamlessly into owning your own business. Find out today if the Coverall Program is the right fit for you.

Coverall North America, Inc. and its Master Franchisees license and support more than 8,000 independently owned and operated franchised commercial cleaning businesses worldwide under the Coverall® name and System. Franchise offers made through prospectus only.

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