Can you sneeze in your sleep?

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Some people think your heart stops when you sneeze. That’s a myth. But there are facts about sneezing that are worth knowing, especially now that allergies are in full swing for the summer.

You can’t sneeze in your sleep.

Sneezes start in your nerves, and that “wiring” in your body is asleep when you are asleep, so no-go on the nose blow. You might sneeze as you’re waking up, or in sunlight, or when you pluck your eyebrows!

Sneezes travel fast.

“Sneezes travel at about 100 miles per hour,” says Patti Wood, author of Success Signals: Understanding Body Language. And, one sneeze can contain a hundred thousand germs, so cover it up! The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advise us to cover our mouths with a tissue when we sneeze and then throw the tissue away.

Good vacuuming can help your nose.

Sneezing is a natural way for your body to get rid of dust and germs. Also make sure your office cleaning service uses a HEPA vacuum which captures 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns – very small. Dust, dirt and bacteria can be sucked up and filtered by the right vacuum rather than hanging around to make you sneeze.

What kind of sneezer are you? Check out the different ways people sneeze. Gesundheit!

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