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You Party. We Clean.

Nothing reinforces company culture and camaraderie like a great holiday party. Yet, nothing leaves the office dirtier than the aftermath of the holiday festivities. Don’t let that stop you from celebrating this year’s accomplishments. In fact, here are some tips for throwing the perfect office party. About 80% of companies throw a holiday party each ..


How Healthcare Facilities Can Green Their Clean

Do you know what “quat binding” is? No, it isn’t the latest style of shapeware or the some new kind of leg exercise. Quats, short for quaternary compounds, are effective surface disinfectants commonly used to clean medical environments. While not a green product, quats are effective at germ killing. Improper use of quats, however, can ..


The cost of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), also called nosocomial infections or Hospital-Acquired Infections, are as bad as they sound – infections that a patient gets while receiving care in a healthcare setting (hospital, clinic, ambulance, etc.). Pneumonia, surgical-site infections, and gastrointestinal illnesses are among the most common HAIs. The CDC estimates that 1 in 25 hospital patients ..


Your Cleaning Checklist

Find a high quality and dependable cleaning program today! This isn’t your typical cleaning checklist but very important when shopping for quality office cleaning service. Looking for office cleaning can get a little confusing. You may not be sure what needs to be done and how much you should pay. What if you have a ..


Why Green Matters

Earth Day is celebrated in more than 192 countries each year and focuses on environmental protection. Some support this cause by planting trees, recycling, and educating others about the planet. As a leader in healthy clean, what are we doing to support the environment? As part of the Coverall® System our Franchised Businesses use hospital grade ..

Coverall Sales Consultant Jamie Shankweiler demonstrating the EWWW FactorSM to attendees of the Bala Institute of Oral Surgery Event

Coverall of Philadelphia Teamed Up with the Bala Institute of Oral Surgery for an Informative and Fun Continuing Education Event

Coverall of Philadelphia proudly sponsored the Bala Institute of Oral Surgery’s Continuing Education Lecture and Event on October 17th. James Rio, Coverall Sales Manager, and Coverall Sales Consultants Daniel Breslin and Jamie Shankweiler represented Coverall of Philadelphia at the event, demonstrating how the Coverall® Program provides a unique clean for medical facilities and dental offices. ..

How Does Carpet Maintenance Affect Your Indoor Air Quality?

How Does Carpet Maintenance Affect Your Indoor Air Quality?

When you think of commercial cleaning, air quality is probably not the first thing that crosses your mind, but the truth is that indoor air quality (IAQ) is affected by a surprising commercial cleaning source: carpet maintenance. Dr. Charles Gerba, University of Arizona microbiology researcher and Coverall spokesperson, conducted a study in which a group ..

Coverall: The Only Commercial Cleaning Franchise Recognized as EPA Champions

Coverall: The Only Commercial Cleaning Franchise System Recognized as EPA Champions

At Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System®, we take pride in our innovative commercial cleaning technology and system. We are especially proud of the Champion level recognition we’ve received from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA introduced a Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI) to recognize environmental leaders who voluntarily commit to the use of safer surfactants. Safer surfactants ..

Indoor Air Quality might not be on your radar when you think about how your office or facility is cleaned but it should be.

A Breath of Fresh Air: How Commercial Cleaning Services Affect Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality might not be on your radar when you think about how your office or facility is cleaned but it should be. “Sick building syndrome” is when people complain of symptoms such as eye, nose and throat irritation; neuro-toxic or general health problems; skin irritation; nonspecific hypersensitivity reactions; and odor and taste sensation. ..

Green Commercial Cleaning

Coverall’s Cleaning Green

Coverall believes cleaning green and effective Cleaning for the Unseen® level are compatible goals. We’ve rolled up our sleeves, studied, and learned that a complete cleaning program must remove waste materials to reduce the spread and growth of germs. We’ve put in the work and the research to create a cleaning and removal program that ..