dog getting check-up at vet

Healthy Vet – Healthy Pet

Pet parents want the absolute best for their little fur babies.  In 2014 the American Pet Products Association’s annual report on pet industry spending reported that Americans spent $58 billion in 2014 on their pets. From food to vet care to toys and grooming, it’s pretty obvious that our pets are treated as family members, ..


4 Steps to Dusting the Right Way

Some people cover nasty carpet stains with rugs or use air freshener to mask bad smells, but there’s no way to hide dust. It will eventually make itself known. Which is a good thing! Time to roll up your sleeves, put on some music and enjoy a little dusting. There’s a right way to dust, ..

4 Questions to Ask About Fall and Flu Season

Questions to Ask About Fall and Flu Season

Autumn is upon us. How do you notice fall is here? Is it the pumpkin-flavored coffees at your favorite café, sweaters on sale at the mall or the telltale sign of fall – changing leaves and cooler temperatures? For many, fall brings the dreaded flu. There is still no concrete explanation as to why flu ..


5 Tips for Fall Cleaning

The official first day of autumn is September 23rd and as much as we’ll miss summer BBQs and pool parties, there’s something special about the turning leaves and crisper, cooler temperatures. Springtime shouldn’t be the only season to focus on good quality cleaning. Take advantage of the extra time you spend inside during the shorter ..


Achoo! 3 Things to Remember When Improving Air Quality

In our summer guide to germs we talked about all the fun (and unfortunately germy) things we do outdoors. So back to the indoors – where we can spend up to 87% of our time. Indoor air quality is an important part of a healthy environment. Indoor air quality is affected by a few things, ..


Your Cleaning Checklist

Find a high quality and dependable cleaning program today! This isn’t your typical cleaning checklist but very important when shopping for quality office cleaning service. Looking for office cleaning can get a little confusing. You may not be sure what needs to be done and how much you should pay. What if you have a ..


Then and Now: A Better Vacuum

The year was 1901, and the place, England. Hubert Cecil Booth observed a demonstration by an unnamed American inventor of a machine that blew dust off chairs*. After watching the machine at work, inspiration struck and Mr. Booth began thinking: “…if the system could be reversed…the real solution of the hygienic removal of dust would ..

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Start the New Year with Top-Notch Office Carpet Care

Many professionals see the New Year as a great chance to improve their business. While they focus on improving customer service and profit, they forget how much first impressions of their facility might affect a customer’s opinion of their business. Between office holiday parties and snow being carried in, office carpets can get pretty nasty ..

Infographic: The Value of Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Infographic: The Value of Clean

Check out this infographic from The Worldwide Cleaning Association (ISSA). Interesting data that reinforces the need to create a clean, healthy workplace through professional janitorial services. © ISSA Get CleanFeed articles straight in your inbox. Sign-up!..

First impressions are lasting. Your office, retail store, gym, or medical office can give off a clean, fresh look and feel with carpet and hard floors that are well cared for.

Top Five Reasons Routine Carpet Cleaning Is Good for Business

Good business managers know that first impressions are lasting so it’s vital that your office, retail store, gym, medical office or any other facility, gives off a clean, well-maintained look and feel at all times. A big part of that first impression comes from the cleanliness and well-being of your carpet and hard floors. Regular ..