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Avoid Pesky Back to School Germs

Dirty schools may be to blame for a child’s next fever or stomach ache. Between superficial cleaning efforts and germ-filled surfaces and spaces, two-thirds of the 500 adults we recently surveyed believe a lack of cleanliness in schools leads to kids getting sick. With a new school year upon us, if you have children, get ..


Infographic: Do Your Part for Global Handwashing Day!

“Make handwashing a habit” is the theme of this year’s Global Handwashing Day, which takes place October 15.  Take a look at some handwashing history and healthy handwashing habits in this infographic: How Healthy Are Our Hands? Help make a handwashing a habit in your home or office by sharing this with your friends and family! ..

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Is Your Gym Harmful to Your Health?

How ironic that the very place you go to keep your body fit and healthy could actually make you sick.  Fitness facilities are mega-hot spots for germs, from the front door to the locker room and all places in between. And with a staggering 58 million people annually using health clubs, there are plenty of ..

Infographic: The Value of Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Infographic: The Value of Clean

Check out this infographic from The Worldwide Cleaning Association (ISSA). Interesting data that reinforces the need to create a clean, healthy workplace through professional janitorial services. © ISSA Get CleanFeed articles straight in your inbox. Sign-up!..

The Birth Of The Superbug: When Bacteria Fight Back

The Birth of the Superbug: When Bacteria Fight Back

  Antibiotics and similar drugs, known collectively as antimicrobials, have been used to treat infectious diseases for the last 70 years. Since the 1940’s, they’ve significantly reduced illness and death from infectious diseases. However, these drugs have been so widely used that the organisms they’re designed to kill have adapted, creating new superbugs. Check out ..


The Germaphobes Guide to the Gym

Americans are getting more than just a workout at the gym. They’re coming home with fungal, viral, and bacterial skin infections picked up from the more than 5,000 fitness centers around the country.  Although proper cleaning and disinfection are encouraged by gym managers and private trainers – it’s almost impossible to avoid coming into contact with ..

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Infographic: How Dirty Are Public Restrooms?

Have you ever wondered how dirty your company restrooms may be? Take a look at this illustration of just how dirty they actually are, we think you’ll find the facts grossly interesting! Spread the Word You can embed this graphic on your blog or website. Simply copy the below code and paste it into your ..