IFA, franchisees of the year

Long Island’s Own Metro Cleaning Solutions Honored by IFA as Franchisees of the Year

Coverall franchised business owners Adam Schoenfeld and Sebastian Pica of Long Island-based Metro Cleaning Solutions, Inc. were honored by the International Franchising Association (IFA) as Franchisees of the Year at the 15th Annual IFA Public Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C. The event honored the outstanding efforts of the determined duo. Pay them a visit to ..


I bought a franchise…now what? Keeping a Paper Trail

Everyone has their own way of keeping business records.  Some do it all on computer using a scanner and spreadsheets, some work manually using ledgers and notebooks, and some do a combination of both. However you prefer to do it, get organized to ensure smooth business operation. Don’t wait until tax season to find receipts ..


Coverall named #1 by Black Enterprise Magazine

What would you enjoy most about owning your own business? In a recent Gallup poll, the top 4 things small business owners listed as rewarding aspects of small business ownership were: Being my own boss Sense of accomplishment Flexible schedule Working with customers Many will begin their journey as an entrepernour – 200,000  new jobs are ..

3 important aspects of business growth

I bought a franchise…now what? Growing Your Business

Steady growth is something every business owner wants and needs to keep a business going.  But, business cards are just the beginning of what might fuel business growth. To truly nurture your business, consistency, communication and building trust with your customers are essential. Have you ever attempted to grow and tend a vegetable garden? If ..

5 Reasons College Grads Should Consider Franchising

5 Reasons Recent College Grads Should Consider a Career in Franchising

Graduation 2014 recently unleashed 1.6 million graduates into the workforce, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. While this is an exciting time for grads (and their parents), it is also full of important, life-altering decisions. As nerve-racking as this period may be, the excitement of taking hold of your destiny far outweighs anything ..

5 Things You Can Learn From Dad-Entrepreneurs

5 Things You Can Learn From Dad-Entrepreneurs

Parenting and the business world have changed in many ways since your grandfather’s time. More fathers are staying at home or running independent businesses from home, and an increasing number of moms are now working full-time. As a result, business owners today need to stay up-to-date with digital marketing, changing trends and mobile technology. As ..

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Moms, Take Back Your Free Time

As a mother and entrepreneur you’re used to multitasking. But, do us a favor and look at your appointments from the past few weeks – when was the last time you made time for yourself? 57% of business owners give up free time to run their business* and mothers are getting busier. According to Forbes, ..


Be Proud. Be Your Own Boss.

Many dream of being their own boss, having the freedom to set their own schedule, and being proud of what they do. But, uncertainty and fear can stand in the way of making their dream a reality. We’re here to tell you – it’s easier than you might think. Being your own boss and running ..

Business Owner

Top 3 Benefits of a Coverall Franchised Business Open House

Have you ever purchased a home or car, sight unseen? Most likely not. Instead, you probably attended an open house (at least for the free food), or visited a car showroom (promising yourself not to buy anything, of course). *Upcoming Coverall Open House Events* Chicago area: June 9, 2015 | 9:00am – 7:00pm Milwaukee area: ..

Coverall Rockstar

Keep on Rockin’ in the “Clean” World with Coverall

Coverall Franchised Business Owners, Adam Schoenfeld and Sebastian Pica, once enjoyed the thrill of touring the country in the rock band, Wired. Today, they thrill their customers with stellar commercial cleaning services under a different name–Metro Cleaning Solutions. These former rockers turned Franchisees continue to upstage the competition by delivering outstanding service and the kind ..