POLL: What’s the most common stain on your carpet?

Office parties are fun, but cleaning up stains, not so much.

Nothing stops a great party in its tracks faster than a spill. It happens quickly, but you swear you see that glass of red wine, chocolate cake, or pot of coffee falling in slow motion.

While panicking over the stain, many start pouring water, using soap and rubbing desperately to get it to come out, only making it worse. In fact, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification suggests cleaning spills right away with the “blot, dilute and blot” method.

Next, when calling your professional cleaning service, explain to them what was spilled and when, the type of carpet, and whether it is a high or low traffic area. Get it treated right away.

High traffic areas, such as office lobbies and hallways by bathrooms, get walked on by a lot of people each day. Stains in those areas might become harder to treat because of repetitive abuse and excess dirt, not to mention the wear and tear on carpet fibers.  That is one of the main reasons why involving a pro is important to increasing carpet life.

Here are a few professional cleaning techniques to treat carpets:

  • Low-moisture Encapsulation – this process is gentle so it can be done monthly and it removes stains.
  • Hot Water Extraction – this process is very common, and is also called “steam-cleaning.” It’s often used and its great way to kill and remove dust mites. Tip: Remember to have this done over a weekend or break because it takes time for the carpet to dry! The last thing you want is odor from moist and moldy carpet.
  • Carpet Restoration – Worst case scenario, your carpet is in bad shape. The good news is, there’s a solution. By combining low-moisture process and hot water extraction, you’ll “double up” on professional carpet care and bring a worn carpet back to life

How do your common stains compare with the rest of America? Pick the most common stain you deal with around the winter season and see how you measure up against the results of a recent survey!

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