Contagion appears to be contagious


Steven Soderbergh’s blockbuster movie Contagion was released this month, and audiences are flocking to the theaters in droves. When asked to respond to the inevitable question about the plot of movie, “Could this really happen?” the Center for Disease Control was compelled to say, “Not only could it happen, CDC scientists are working 24/7 to find out if it’s happening right now.”

Although the movie dramatizes a particularly grim pandemic that sweeps worldwide in a matter of days, real pandemics in recent years (SARS, H1N1) show us that Hollywood hype isn’t always that far off base.

However, unlike in the movie, there are very real things we can do to protect ourselves from infection from both worldwide pandemics and everyday influenza. And with September being National Preparedness Month, this is the perfect time to discuss ways to prevent infectious diseases – such as influenza – from spreading. 

The Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System® Program greatly reduces the spread of illness-causing germs such as influenza, MRSA and the common cold in offices, schools, healthcare facilities, fitness centers, and other commercial and public environments.

Our program utilizes:

• EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant chemistry proven to eradicate disease-causing germs and reduce the spread of infection
• Innovative cleaning equipment and methods to remove illness-causing germs and reduce cross-contamination and the spread of infection

At Coverall we understand that effective cleaning methods can go a long way toward reducing germs and creating a clean, healthy work environment.

So sit back, eat some popcorn and enjoy the movie. Just make sure you wash your hands first.

Post Author: Coverall
Coverall is one of the largest franchisors of commercial cleaning business in the world with a global network of over 8,000 Franchised Business Owners servicing more than 40,000 customers.

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