Coverall of Long Island Grows into New Digs

Coverall of Long Island Former OfficeCoverall of Long Island Former Office

Coverall of Long Island is one of 36 Regional Support Centers in the Coverall® System dedicated to supporting local Coverall Franchised Business Owners and their businesses. Each Support Center is also home to a team of Coverall employees who serve as business consultants for the Coverall franchisees in their local market.

And, the Long Island Support Center is growing. More people in the area are making the decision to become Franchised Business Owners in the Long Island area, and that growing group of entrepreneurs relies on local support from the Coverall brand. As the number of franchisees grows, Coverall North America, Inc. continues to hire employees, to support the Coverall franchisees in the market. Starting with the recent addition of a franchise sales manager, Coverall Long Island will also need to hire sales and operations staff to fill out their new space.

To accommodate this growth, Coverall’s Long Island Support Center recently moved its offices within a stone’s throw from its previous location – from 200 Garden City Plaza, Suite 420, Garden City, NY to 300 Garden City Plaza, Suite 246, Garden City, NY.

“We liked the location of our office but needed more space. This move is a good one for the Support Center staff and our local Coverall Franchised Businesses,” said Tom Visaggio, Divisional Director with Coverall. “The Support Center is a place for Franchisees to talk with experts, buy supplies and equipment, take training classes and get general business support. It’s a home base for all of us.”

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