Does Your Office Make You Sick? Coverall can help.


No, not your job, your office. For many unsuspecting employees across the globe, their office makes them sick, literally. It may sound funny, but while a large percentage of workers are busy blaming their co-workers (actually their co-worker’s children), or their office cleaning service, they should point the finger at their facility. From roof leaks and moldy ceiling tiles, to filthy carpets and dirty doorknobs, offices everywhere are sick, causing those who inhabit them to suffer too.

There’s even a name for this condition. It’s called “sick building syndrome” and it’s no joke. It all starts with indoor air quality, but the way your office cleaning service cleans can also contribute to your daily misery, (more on that later).

Signs of “Sick Building Syndrome”
Do you or someone sitting next to you at the office ever complain of symptoms like itchy eyes, a stuffy nose or throat irritation? How about skin irritation or strange odor or taste sensations? This is typically due to poor ventilation and the recirculation of mold, dust or some other kind of neurotoxic “aromas” wafting through the air ducts at work. (Yes, horrible colognes or perfumes count, but that’s a whole other topic.)

Don’t fret, your office cleaning service can help. Well, actually that depends. Here are some things to ask your current cleaning service to find out if they are doing the job right.

1. What kind of vacuum do you use?
If they aren’t using a vacuum with HEPA filtration they might as well blow dust particles and harmful micro-dust directly into the air. Imagine a ticker-tape parade, but instead of celebrating with confetti you suffer with a good old-fashioned dirt bath. HEPA vacuums, like the ones used by Coverall Franchised Business Owners, remove 99% of dust, dirt, bacteria and allergens so you can kick back and relax at work without the fear of filth.

2. How often do you dust and what do you dust with?
Microfiber is the only acceptable answer. Feather dusters or every day rags just don’t compare to the lasting benefits of high quality microfiber cloth. In fact, we haven’t seen a feather duster in use since Alice used hers on the Brady Bunch. The brand and weave of microfiber matters, so it’s important that your office cleaning service uses the weight and class of microfiber specified for hygienic cleaning and the removal of dirt, dust, germs and other contaminants.

3. What kind of chemicals are you using?
Ever walk into work and slam into a stink wall that could only be the remnant of last night’s cleaning chemicals? Who hasn’t? And guess what? You get to marinate in it for the next eight or nine hours! Do yourself a favor and make sure your office cleaning service uses fragrance-free cleaning products that are low on VOCs (volatile organic compounds). For instance, formaldehyde is a VOC. Just say no to formaldehyde!

Want to learn more about “sick building syndrome”? See what our friends at CleanLink have to say.

Looking for a new office cleaning service to cure your office? Look no further.

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