The Fist Bump – Another Way to Prevent Office Germ Spread

Another Way to Prevent Office Germ Spread – The Fist Bump

By now you’ve read all sorts of ways to avoid germ spread, especially on this blog. Don’t touch this, or sanitize that, and how to sneeze to reduce germ spread. A new study shows that there’s another way to add to your long list of germ avoidance – fist bumping.

In the last few weeks, the benefits of fist bumping have swept major news outlets, such as Time, who published these new germ findings from Dr. Dave Whitworth, professor from the Aberystwyth University in Wales.  He studied a variety of ways people communicate with each other: high fiving, shaking hands and of course fist-bumping. He measured the amount of germ spread, first with a clean glove, then with a bacteria-covered glove to measure how many germs are actually spread by various modes of communication.

There was an approximate 90% decrease in germs spread through fist bumping, probably because the gesture is quicker and that part of the hand doesn’t touch surfaces that often.

For all the extreme germaphobes out there, we suggest the following alternatives if the fist-bump is still a little too germy for you (although there’s no direct data to back up these unique ways to minimize germ spread):

  • Elbow Bump
  • Forearm Bump
  • Shoulder Bump

The Atlantic published an educational and humorous video called “The Professional Fist Bump” on the benefits of fist-bumping.

While we definitely support new and interesting ways of preventing germ spread, remember that not everyone is “in the know.”

If your office suffers from repeated germ spread offenders, maybe it’s time to see how your janitorial service takes care of common germ hot spots.

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