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Coverall Hawaii Franchised Business Owner Spotlight


Maria “Carolyn” Cagat is a Coverall Hawaii Franchised Business Owner on a mission. While some people start their own business because they want to be their own boss or for the flexible hours, Cagat does it to help people.

This August, Cagat will celebrate her two-year anniversary as a Coverall Franchised Business Owner, and in that time, has been able to give back to her community by providing jobs to those interested in joining the business.

As a nursing student at Hawaii Pacific University, Cagat has always had a desire to help others. Her passion stemmed from her many visits to the Philippines where she would witness the work that Children’s Ministries Network did helping youth to reach their full potential. That inspired her to do the same for those in her community. Cagat was familiar with the Coverall® System and realized that by becoming a franchised business owner, she could not only create a bright future for herself, but for others who were looking to enter the commercial cleaning industry.

“If I can give help someone and make them happy, that makes me happy,” says Cagat. “That’s also why I went to nursing school. I’m able to help people, which I think is the most important thing you can do with your life – help others.”

In her two years with the Coverall System, Cagat has grown her business to employ a staff of more than 10 and currently has customers ranging in scope from restaurants and commercial buildings to high-end resorts and medical facilities. She credits her success not only to her willingness to help others, but the training she received from her mentors.

For Cagat, training and communication help ensure high quality work and great customer service, which is why she personally spends time with each employee to ensure that their work is consistent and that they’re always delivering quality service. Cagat also believes that developing strong relationships along the way aids in creating longstanding business relationships. She often visits the Coverall Support Center where she takes the lessons she has learned firsthand in the field and shares them with others.

“As long as you take care of your customers and employees, you will be successful,” she says. “Business owners don’t do well because of the way they communicate with their employees. I always make it a point to speak with other Coverall franchisees to give them advice. We’re all carrying one logo, so I want everyone to be do the best they can.”

Are you ready to be your own boss?

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