Happy Clean Year


It isn’t a New Year without resolutions and life-changing decisions. But, this blog post isn’t about another checkmark on a list of goals. This is about a way of thinking.

How do you envision 2015? In terms of janitorial services and healthy cleaning, 2014 was a stressful and confusing to many.

In 2014, the Ebola outbreak was one of the most prominent health crises in the news in many years. Misinformation about the virus and fear mongering, sometimes caused confusion and added fuel to the fire of an already worried public.

Here at Coverall, we endeavor to educate and provide useful information to our readers about how germs and viruses spread, and ways to help them create a healthier work environment.

Now with 2015 officially here, what’s in store for the CleanFeed and all of the content you get in your inbox? For one, it’ll continue Coverall’s dedication to being a leader in the industry with franchisees cleaning the right way, at a deeper level and beyond what is seen to help ensure a healthier facility. And, most of all, we’ll continue to be one of the commercial cleaning industry’s authorities in the digital sphere, so the public knows what it means to have a clean, healthier office.

Happy Clean Year everybody, and as always, remember to wash your hands!

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