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Coverall is kicking off the year by announcing the launch of our brand new website! Yes, our website recently received a complete makeover. The result is a fresh, bright look, unique features and newly added sections. If you haven’t stopped by our site lately, you’ll be in for a treat! We think you’ll find it appealing, informative, and easy to navigate on desktop, mobile phone, tablet or other.

A few highlights of what you can accomplish when you visit the all new Coverall website:

1. Learn About the Coverall® Program and the Core 4® Process. What makes the Coverall program unique and different from traditional janitorial cleaning services? Find out.

2. Visit Facility-Specific Pages. The Coverall® System understands the unique cleaning needs different facilities require. Visit your facility page to find out how the Coverall® Program can help you achieve a cleaner, healthier facility.

3. Get Your Price Faster. One of the new features of our website is our all new Pricing Page for commercial cleaning services! This feature allows you to get a price quicker than before. Simply answer a few questions online about your facility and instantly receive a downloadable buyer’s guide. Very helpful information when selecting a professional commercial cleaning service!

4. Schedule Special Services. When you need more than the basics in your commercial cleaning program. Find out what additional services our Franchised Businesses offer to give your facility that extra special touch.

5. Get Started on Your Future. Will you be the next Coverall Franchisee? If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, this could be the time to visit our Franchise Opportunity Detailed information, cost and financing tables, and franchisee stories make this a true resource in your franchise opportunity research. Don’t forget to download the Coverall Franchisee e-book!

6. Multiple Locations? Simplify. If your business has more than one location, then you may qualify for our National Accounts Program. From local to nationwide presence, find out how Coverall can help ease the stress of outsourced janitorial services. Download our National Accounts Program Guide to review at your convenience or get started right away!

7. Have Fun with Germs. Our brand new Science of Clean section shows how commercial cleaning has advanced over the years and offers some pretty gross facts about germs and dirt in a fun way! Discover facts about different germs, what “hot spots” are and how the Coverall Core 4® Process helps reduce the risk of illness and infection in the workplace. You can help prevent germ spread by downloading our free hand-washing poster for your office restrooms and break rooms!

8. Find Your Career with Coverall. If starting a career or entering a new field is on your resolution list, be sure to hop over to our fresh, new Careers Our updated interface makes it easy to search for openings, connect with our recruiting department, and receive updates on our career events and news.

9. Got questions? If you have questions about the Coverall® System, franchise opportunities, pricing, or other topics – we’ve got answers! We developed our expanded FAQ page to address common questions our customers, franchisees and general visitors have. Still have a question? Just ask us via our Other Questions? form (located on the FAQ page or the Contact Us Page) and we might add it to our FAQs!

10. Subscribe to our newsletter. It’s easy to do. Simply submit your email address via the sign up box on this or any of our blog pages and you’ll receive our CleanFeed newsletter once a month.

Of course, there is so much more to explore on our site, and we’re not stopping there!  Additional new features and slick tools are on the way. We have our project list in hand and have already started on it (Spoiler alert! Our blog is getting a makeover soon too…keep an eye out to see the all new CleanFeed).

Let us know what you think of our new look and new features! Drop us a line at cleanfeed@coverall.com


Coverall North America, Inc. and its Master Franchisees license and support more than 8,000 independently owned and operated franchised commercial cleaning businesses worldwide under the Coverall® name and System. Franchise offers made through prospectus only.

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