Commercial Cleaning Services: How Are They Priced?


Understanding how commercial cleaning services are priced comes down to the quotation process. Beware of janitorial companies that ask you for the square footage of your building and then give you a price.

One-size-fits-all cleaning service pricing does not work when it comes to finding a business or commercial cleaning company that fits your needs. Depending on the type of industry you are in, you may have special cleaning requirements that should be addressed. This is especially true if you are in healthcare, daycare/education, or gyms/fitness.

To correctly price your commercial cleaning services, a trained consultant should speak with you to understand your expectations, and then walk through your facility to see exactly what needs to be done, why, and how often each cleaning task should be carried out. Pricing will vary depending on the type and number of tasks, how often service is provided, and in what kind of area (large room, cluttered area, wide-open space, lots of desks, frequently used, rarely occupied, higher health risk, etc.).

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