How Healthcare Facilities Can Green Their Clean


Do you know what “quat binding” is? No, it isn’t the latest style of shapeware or the some new kind of leg exercise. Quats, short for quaternary compounds, are effective surface disinfectants commonly used to clean medical environments. While not a green product, quats are effective at germ killing. Improper use of quats, however, can result in quat binding, a phenomenon that can reduce the efficacy of the disinfectant, not a good thing in healthcare environments where minimizing hospital-acquired infections (HAI) is a top priority. The question is whether you can deliver a hygienic cleaning program that is safe for people and the planet while helping reduce the risk of illness and infection?

Cleaning soils and reducing germs and bacteria on surfaces are necessary for infection control in patient care settings. But, aseptic cleaning that is truly green can prove a bit more challenging.  (While vinegar and baking soda might be fine for home use, they won’t cut it in a medical setting except as cooking ingredients.)

Mark Searcy, Divisional Business Development Manager for Coverall North America, Inc., explains in his article, “Daily Decisions for Green Healthcare Cleaning,” how commercial cleaning professionals in medical facilities can make smart daily decisions that support both a clean and green environment. Many disinfectants that contain Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) are Green Seal certified and a good way to start. In addition to chemical choices, using eco-friendly cleaningtools, such as microfiber cloths, is another easy environmentally sound option. They are effective at picking up soil and germs, and because they can be washed and reused hundreds of time (instead of being thrown away like paper towels), they cut down on waste, making them very eco-friendly.

Utilizing a commercial cleaning provider properly trained and certified in healthcare cleaning, and aware of possible hazards such as quat binding, is another way healthcare facilities can help green their clean. The Coverall System emphasizes the unique cleaning and disinfecting needs of medical offices and other types of healthcare facilities. The Coverall Core 4® Process combines hundreds of protocols, along with hospital-grade disinfectants, microfiber towels, a no-dip mopping system, and HEPA backpack vacuum, to remove the maximum amount of soil and germs as efficiently as possible.

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