Infographic: The Germaphobe’s Guide to the Gym

Cleaning and disinfection are a must in the gym!


You’re getting more than just a workout at the gym.

Americans are coming home from the gym with fungal, viral, and bacterial skin infections picked up from the more than 5,000 fitness centers around the country.  Although gym managers and private trainers encourage proper cleaning and disinfection,  it’s nearly impossible to avoid contact with contaminated surfaces while using weights, pull up bars, and machines with pads that directly touch the skin.

Infographic showing process of pathogens, places where found in Gyms and proper cleaning and disinfection guide.
The Germaphobes Guide to the Gym

Proper gym cleaning and disinfection are essential to reduce the risks of illness and disease transmission, but are often overlooked by most facility managers.  Requiring gym management to use effective, nightly hygienic cleaning and proactive personal hygiene can help to reduce your risk of infection during a workout.

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