Businesses are all different. Even if it they offer the same service or product, that doesn’t mean they’re the same.  This is why it’s important, when shopping for cleaning services and price quotes, the price you pay reflects your unique needs.

For example, one office may get lots of customer, employee and visitor traffic in the building each day while another office has little traffic or daily dirt but has a lot of marble flooring that requires extra care. In addition to the size of your facility, the age of your building, type of work you do, floor types, office layout and special requirements can affect the amount you pay for commercial cleaning.

Here are 4 facts we think you should know about janitorial pricing:

  1. Pricing plans should be flexible to match your unique needs
  2. Square footage is one of MANY factors making up a quote – not the only one
  3. Don’t accept a price quote until someone sees your facility in person
  4. The type of work you do (medical clinic vs. standard office, for example) will dictate the type of services you need

If you’re shopping for a cleaning quote, and want to know more about what to ask an office cleaning company, read our guide, “4 Things To Ask Your Office Cleaning Company.”

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