Mopping; the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Professional Clean Alternative to the Janitor’s Bucket of Dirty Mop Water

Clean Mop Water vs. Dirty Mop Water; which system would you prefer clean your floors?Clean Mop Water vs. Dirty Mop Water; which system would you prefer clean your floors?

Have you ever watched a janitor slop around a smelly old string mop on a dirty floor then dip it back into a bucket of dirty water? It’s quite a turn-off, especially when you realize that same bucket of dirty mop water goes from room to room throughout your office. Even worse, the janitor might dip a rag into the mop bucket and wipe your desk with that dirty water. Nobody wants dirty bathroom germs spread to their office or kitchen area! Ick.

The mopping style of old-school janitorial cleaning doesn’t clean floors – it just smears germs, dirt and grime around.

So what’s new in mopping? Some janitors are using dual chamber bucket systems that separate clean water from dirty water. But those buckets still spread lots of dirt and debris around because the mop is dipped into dirty water to remove heavy sediment, and then into the “clean” water with cleaning solution before going back on your floors. Plenty of nasty stuff hitches a ride on the mop after it’s been dipped into that dirty water.

We’ve tested countless mopping methods and found the best way to get the clean floors is using a no-dip flat-mopping system and trolley bucket system that dispenses fresh hospital-grade cleaning solution precisely where needed. In that way, the mop is never dipped into dirty water.

The combination of hospital-grade chemistry plus a no-dip system kills germs and removes them, virtually eliminating the spread of germs from area to area. The result is floors that are Coverall CleanSM.

Find out more about how the Coverall® Program can help you create a cleaner, healthier workspace in your office or facility. Request a quote today!


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