Does Your Office Make You Sick? Coverall can help.

No, not your job, your office. For many unsuspecting employees across the globe, their office makes them sick, literally. It may sound funny, but while a large percentage of workers are busy blaming.....


We Recruit You! Coverall Salutes Military Veterans and Those Who Hire Them!

5 Traits Shared by Military Veterans and Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you’re all in from the beginning. Your time, energy and focus make things happen. Veterans have five distinct qualities or values that carry over naturally from the military.....

Coverall Booth - South Jersey Medical Managers Event

Coverall Attends 2015 Spring Forum for the Medical Office Managers Society of South Jersey

Coverall recently attended the 2015 Spring Forum for the Medical Office Managers Society of South Jersey, and what an impressive turnout. The event focused on the continuing education of medical office managers from.....


U.S. Army Veteran Leads the Way as Coverall Franchised Business Owner

The Story of Veteran and Coverall Business Owner, Martel Brown

“If you told me twenty years ago that I’d own a business and work for myself, I’d probably laugh,” said Martel Brown, United States Army Veteran and former infantry soldier. Like many other.....


Happiness Is… Helping Others

Coverall Hawaii Franchised Business Owner Spotlight

Maria “Carolyn” Cagat is a Coverall Hawaii Franchised Business Owner on a mission. While some people start their own business because they want to be their own boss or for the flexible hours,.....


What’s for dinner? Germs and restaurants

Would you like a side of germs with your order? Kaivac Cleaning Systems™ shared results of a multi-year study showing how germy restaurants can be, and in places you may not expect. Condiment.....


4 Important Facts About Janitorial Prices

How do office cleaning prices work?

Businesses are all different. Even if it they offer the same service or product, that doesn’t mean they’re the same.  This is why it’s important, when shopping for cleaning services and price quotes,.....


Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Office

Do you see any flowers blooming yet? Is the snow melting? Chances are by now, or soon, depending on where you live, you are seeing first signs of spring. We couldn’t be happier.....


3 Chances in March for Franchise Expos

Be you own boss

If you’re in the Cincinnati, Philadelphia, or Richmond area, here are three great opportunities to learn about being your own boss in the commercial cleaning industry: http://www.franchiseshowinfo.com/ and http://www.civilianjobs.com/ Offers to sell Coverall franchises made by.....


The cost of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), also called nosocomial infections or Hospital-Acquired Infections, are as bad as they sound – infections that a patient gets while receiving care in a healthcare setting (hospital, clinic, ambulance,.....