Ready or Not Germs, Here We Come!

Meet the ATP Meter

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Hide and Seek was a fun game to play when you were a kid — the excitement of closing your eyes and counting to ten while your friends scrambled in all directions to hide. Then, opening your eyes and knowing your friends were someplace near, but you couldn’t see them.

So, what does that have to do with germs? For starters, germs are both hiding and seeking experts. They are all around you, but since they are invisible to the naked eye, they hide in plain sight. You don’t have to go searching for them, they will find you every time you touch a doorknob, faucet handle, table surface or even your own computer keyboard. Eventually, you found all your friends in hide and seek, but how in the world can you win against all these germs?

The good news? There’s a small arsenal of tools you can use to considerably reduce the amount of germs that you carry and leave behind on a daily basis:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Soap and water

But, that is only one part of the battle. What about OTHER people’s germs?

Introducing the ATP Meter. This cool, scientific tool is used to measure microscopic ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) which is a bio-pollution left behind by living and once-living cells. Basically, the more ATP detected on a surface, the dirtier it is (more biological contamination). The less ATP, the cleaner the surface.

Environments in which public health is an elevated concern, such as hospitals, restaurants and schools, rely on this meter to meet an industry standard of cleanliness. Coverall and the commercial cleaning industry use the ATP meter to determine the efficacy of cleaning chemicals, equipment and protocols for killing and removing harmful terms, leaving behind the healthiest clean possible. Our Coverall Core 4® Process, used by our 8,000+ franchised businesses, is a professional cleaning system that removes the maximum amount of soil and germs, especially on high touch points.

Killing and removing germs may translate to a reduced risk of illness and infection, something I’m sure we all can agree is a good thing! With the Coverall Program® and our Cleaning for the Unseen® approach, you’ll be the winner with a healthier, cleaner facility.

Be sure to check out our video:  How is Clean Measured?


Coverall North America, Inc. and its Master Franchisees license and support more than 8,000 independently owned and operated franchised commercial cleaning businesses worldwide under the Coverall® name and System. Franchise offers made through prospectus only.

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