Retailers: Clean up for the Holidays with Floor Care from Coverall

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Prepare to clean-up in two ways this holiday season!

The National Retail Federation (NRF) projects 2016 retail sales to increase 3.6 percent in November and December to $655.8 billion, excluding auto, gas and restaurant sales. Great news since more people shopping and spending could mean an increase in foot traffic through your store. While good for business, the extra wear & tear on your carpet or hard flooring can cause it to look dirty, dingy and worn.

Clean shiny floors and fresh carpet can make a good impression on your customers. In fact, 85% of Americans polled stated they would not patronize a business with negative online reviews about its cleanliness. Get your flooring looking its best this holiday season and beyond with a quality floor care program offered from Coverall.

Hard floors

High-heels and hard-soled shoes can leave scratches and scuffs. Routine upkeep is important for appearance. Using the wrong chemicals or techniques on a hard floor can result in a dull or streaky finish. Sticky floors, slippery floors, and uneven surfaces from build-up can all happen from improper cleaning and maintenance.  Knowledgeable experts can keep your floors looking great with the correct equipment and finishes suitable for your particular type of hard floor.


Tracked in dirt and mud can cause spots and stains that may contribute to odor and are quite unappealing. Constant foot traffic contributes to wear and tear and flattening of pile. Just like hard floors, using the wrong methods or cleaners on your carpets can leave them sticky or cause damage to the fibers. Routine vacuuming is necessary every day and having a customized deep-clean maintenance plan in place will help keep your carpets looking new, fresh and even extend their life.

Help ensure a positive customer experience with proper routine floor and carpet care. Count on Coverall’s Special Cleaning Services experts to create maintenance programs that fit your needs and your budget and Coverall Franchised Business Owners to deliver a consistent, better clean for your facility. Go ahead and make the move, contact us today!

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