10 Ways Your Janitor Should Be Like Santa


What do you know about your janitor? If you don’t know much, you definitely can notice they’ve visited– the trash has been emptied and the floors are cleaner. This holiday season, do they remind you of someone? 

He has an important list – and checks it twice
Dusting? Check. Vacuuming? Check. Trash bins? Check. Restrooms? Check. Lights out? Check. Door locked? Check. 

He works while you sleep
So, you can come into work and find your office just the way you like it – clean and comfortable.

He wears a special outfit
You could spot him right away – sturdy shoes and a recognizable, branded suit. 

Has a team of hard workers
How many square feet is your office? If it’s big, most likely your cleaning team splits up to save time and be as effective as possible. Holiday elves have nothing on them!

Has different names
Santa has been known by many names (St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle and Santa Claus to name a few) and same goes for your janitor. Office cleaner, janitor, custodian, and hopefully their first name as well (if not, why not ask this holiday season?).

Brings you gifts
Besides the gift of a clean office, they can provide you with suggestions and expertise for your cleaning your carpets, hard floors, windows and other parts of your facility.  Can’t live without them on your team!

You can communicate with him via letters
OK, maybe not a letter to Santa – but text, email, mobile phone, online. Some office cleaning companies give you an option to communicate via log book, so you know what was done the night before, or to give you an easy way to leave a thank you or a question for them. Maybe a plate of warm cookies and milk would be a perfect way to show your appreciation?

He makes your wishes come true
Without proper cleaning, problems like restroom odor, dusty interiors and dirty surfaces can turn your comfortable office into germ central. Who wants that during the holidays?

He has a special schedule
Like Santa, your janitor has work to do, and has to get it done on certain days, within a certain amount of time. Without this schedule a consistent clean wouldn’t be possible.

He knows if you’ve been naughty or nice…
Let’s face it, that candy bar wrapper you threw away while on your “diet” won’t be a secret for long! But, don’t worry, he won’t gossip.

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