SLIDESHOW: 9 Handwashing statistics that’ll make you feel dirty

Global Handwashing Day 2014 is October 15th!

Infection control is a hot topic right now due to the Ebola outbreak in various parts of the world and Enterovirus (EV-D68), which is affecting children and teenagers across most of the United States. Sometimes, it is only after a disaster or tragedy that the general population becomes aware of infectious diseases. This cold and flu season, and throughout the year, it’s important to remember that hand hygiene is pivotal to infection control and a healthy environment.

The Journal of Environmental Health published research from Michigan State University that observed the hand washing  practices of 3,749 people in public restrooms. Lots of their statistics are surprising and scary, considering how much information is available on the effectiveness of hand washing. Check out the slideshow below:

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What do these statistics tell us?

Improvement could be made in frequency of hand washing, but interestingly, the environment these hand washers were tested in influenced their hand washing pattern. A dirty sink resulted in less hand washing, and hand washing signs increased the probability of washing hands.

Let us help improve your hand washing routine. Our free hand washing poster has always been available via other published articles, so take advantage of this download and put it in your place of employment to encourage good hand washing habits.

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