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Whittaker Smart Care® Trio MachineWhittaker Smart Care® Trio Machine

When you think of professional carpet cleaning, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s a big, noisy, bulky machine with hoses sprouting in every direction being pushed up and down the hall. Or maybe its hours upon hours of drying time and doing your very best impersonation of a spider: hugging the wall while “tip-toeing” to the front door in your bare feet. Perhaps you don’t think of the actual cleaning process but the cost of the cleaning process. And if you happen to live in drought-affected California, you don’t even want think about it because of the all hot water needed to get your carpets clean. You would rather live with dirty carpet.

If this is what you think of, you need to meet Whittaker.

An innovator in carpet cleaning for over 50 years, Whittaker has developed a smarter Commercial Carpet Cleaning System available to cleaning professionals and facility managers. Their Smart Care® System outlines proper planning and maintenance designed to protect and extend the life of your carpet.  They have created the a very cost effective carpet cleaning system that makes little noise, not a major inconvenience, super quick dry time (no spider moves needed!) plus minimal water usage and Green Seal certified chemistry promoting healthy building standards.

Smart Care® Benefits

Dry encapsulation is the heart of Whittaker’s Smart Care® System.  This low-moisture soil removal gives your carpet a clean and consistent appearance. The process is meant to save you time, money, and of course make your carpets look better.  A better looking facility always makes the best impression.

  • Keep on working. No need to apologize for all the noise to customers on the phone. Whittaker’s Smart Care® System is so quiet that daytime carpet cleaning can be done with little to no distraction to your facility.
  •  Breathe easy. Indoor air quality is not compromised because their Crystal Dry® chemistry contains no VOCs, making it is safe to use when your facility is occupied. Additionally with minimized water usage the system reduces the potential risks for mold growth.
  • Keep your shoes on. Carpet can be walked on within minutes after Crystal Dry® application. Ideal for any 24/7 Operations that can’t afford downtime.
  • Double cha-ching! The Smart Care® System uses only a gallon of unheated water per 1000 SF and there is zero waste water. Conserving water and electricity is good for the environment and your budget.

The Smart Care® System recommends a hot water extraction deep cleaning once a year, far most cost effective than the usual quarterly cleaning. By following their 4-step maintenance program, which includes Whittaker’s interim dry extraction process, your carpets will look clean year-round.

Learn more about Whittaker and their commercial carpet care by checking out their website. Then ask your cleaning professional if they use the Whittaker Smart Care® System.  Coverall is proud to offer Whittaker Products to our Franchised Business Owners.

Coverall North America, Inc. and its Master Franchisees license and support more than 8,000 independently owned and operated franchised commercial cleaning businesses worldwide under the Coverall® name and System. Franchise offers made only through prospectus.

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