Spotlight: 2 Hot Cities for Small Businesses

Why Chicago and Atlanta are special

Every city has its perks and unique cultural landscape that can help you achieve your personal or career aspirations.

But what if you want to see what’s out there, where to go and what to expect?

Here’s some data on 2 of the hottest cities for small businesses and why.



According to a recent study, Chicago is a good place to work for a small business. It ranked 24th among 100 other cities in the United States. Additionally Chicago was rated 2nd among those cities for net increase in small-business jobs (51,652). As number 3 in Forbes Top Ten States for Female Entrepreneurs, the windy city had an estimated 308,700 women-owned firms.

Do you live near Chicago or in the southeastern Wisconsin area? This year, the Franchise and Business Opportunities Expo will host Chicago’s 9th Annual Franchise Showcase on September 27th-28th.

10 business professionals will present informational seminars on entrepreneurship including Coverall’s VP of Marketing, Diane Emo at noon on Saturday, September 27th.

Print your free admission ticket to grab a spot so you can learn more on business ownership.



Atlanta, Georgia has its own unique reasons to celebrate its impressive ranking and entrepreneurial spirit. With 202,400 women-owned firms in the city, it’s also rated as one of the 7 best cities for young black professionals.

Recently, the Franchise and Business Opportunities Expo also hosted a popular business ownership event, where Coverall was present to discuss business ownership and talk with people interested in starting their own businesses.  If you missed the news about this great event, that’s okay – if you live in the Atlanta area, contact Coverall of Atlanta if you’re curious about being your own boss.

200,000 new jobs are to be created in the US by franchises in 2014. According to the IFA, franchising will create 200,000 new jobs in the US throughout 2014.

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