Students Dish the Dirt on School Restrooms

students dish dirt

When it comes to restrooms, customer perception matters and can affect a company’s bottom line. In fact, 94% of adults in the U.S. say they would avoid a business after experiencing a dirty restroom. Plus, 86% of people associate restroom cleanliness with kitchen cleanliness in restaurants, and 79% would avoid a restaurant if the bathroom were dirty. How about restrooms at schools? Is their cleanliness as important as in businesses? Absolutely.

A 2015 survey commissioned by Cascades Tissue Group reveals that school bathroom cleanliness and conditions matter quite a bit. In fact, 90% of those polled said hygiene was important to them as a student.

1,010 current and recent students in the U.S, who attended on-campus courses at the K-12, college and/or graduate level within the past 15 years, took part in the survey and the results suggest how important restroom cleanliness really is to students.

65% somewhat or strongly agree that restrooms help shape the perception of the quality of the school.

60% recommend prospective students inspect restroom quality at schools they’re visiting before making decisions to enroll.

While 73% said the restrooms at their schools were at least somewhat clean, the majority (57%) of students felt their schools didn’t do enough overall to support on-campus restroom hygiene.

Other interesting findings of the survey:

  • More than six of every ten survey takers reported avoiding school restrooms despite needing to use the facilities.
  • The number one complaint about the restrooms at the schools? 39% of survey takers cited dispensers out of paper towels or toilet paper.
  • More than 14% stated they cleaned a school restroom themselves because it wasn’t up to their standards.

Research has shown poor restroom conditions can reflect negatively in any industry and can influence a person’s overall impression of an establishment. The good news is getting a clean and healthy restroom at your facility is easy to do. Simply visit our website to get started today!


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