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Still fighting the flu? Flu season is NOT over yet.

This year’s flu season has been blamed for the deaths of at least 30 children and doctors say the number of cases is on the rise. The Centers for Disease Control reports the recent outbreak and severity of the flu and pneumonia is at its “epidemic” threshold. With cases of the flu being reported at ..

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QUIZ: How the Flu Affects our Wallet

The flu can do quite a number on our us: fever, runny nose, and other unpleasant symptoms that make us want to stay under the covers and sleep for days. With an average 5 to 20 percent  of the U.S. population catching the flu every year, it’s more than just our bodies that feel the ..


QUIZ: Test Your Flu I.Q.

Flu season starts in October. Did you know that people with the flu can spread it to others through coughs and sneezes up to about 6 feet away? Test your flu knowledge with this fun little quiz from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)!   Flu IQ Flu IQ Widget.Flash Player 9 or ..

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6 Tips for When You Get Sick While Traveling

You protect yourself, wash your hands, use sanitizer, take vitamins and do all the right things but sometimes germs still find you. On a recent vacation to Anchorage, Alaska, I had the misfortune of getting sick on the day I was scheduled to fly home. At first I thought I was just really tired from ..


5 Hand Washing Do’s and Don’ts

Global Hand Washing Day kicks off October 15th. Although hand washing is one of the best ways to protect yourself against infectious diseases (and their spread), according to research, only 5% of people wash their hands correctly! Hand washing saves lives and should be part of your daily routine. Check out the do’s and don’ts ..

CLICK AND LEARN: Is your office ready for flu season?

CLICK AND LEARN: Is your office ready for flu season?

Shopping season, holiday season, vacation season – those are “seasons” we wait for with excitement. Flu season? Not so much, and for obvious reasons. Nothing sends us to the other side of the office faster than a sneezing employee! We hope they get better, but we definitely don’t want to catch what they have. Check ..


6 Ways to Track the Flu

About 2,400 years ago, Greek physician Hippocrates documented symptoms of influenza . Although it’s unknown if he was describing what today we know as the pesky flu or some other physical ailment, one thing is for sure – runny nose, throat soreness, headaches, coughing and other uncomfortable physical symptoms are a pain, no pun intended. In ..

Summer Guide to Germs

Summer Guide to Germs

What do you love about summer? Is it the extra time with the kids, fun in the sun away from the office, or an outdoor activity like gardening or camping? Hate to spoil your fun, but guess what – germs still have their way of lounging out by the pool as well. Here are some ..

Another Way to Prevent Office Germ Spread – The Fist Bump

The Fist Bump – Another Way to Prevent Office Germ Spread

By now you’ve read all sorts of ways to avoid germ spread, especially on this blog. Don’t touch this, or sanitize that, and how to sneeze to reduce germ spread. A new study shows that there’s another way to add to your long list of germ avoidance – fist bumping. In the last few weeks, ..

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Happy Flu Year 2014

While snowstorms hit the northern states, flu is kicking into high gear across the country – especially in the southern and central states including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington state and Wyoming, as reported  ..