back to school germ kit

Back to School Germ Survival Kit

Back to School signifies a time of year that parents look forward to and dread at the same time.  Shopping lists may include all the usual supplies such as pencils, pens and notebooks, but can also mean stocking up on cough medicine, chicken soup, and tissues. It’s dubbed the “Back-to-School Plague” for a reason. Germs ..

gym germs

Is Your Gym Harmful to Your Health?

How ironic that the very place you go to keep your body fit and healthy could actually make you sick.  Fitness facilities are mega-hot spots for germs, from the front door to the locker room and all places in between. And with a staggering 58 million people annually using health clubs, there are plenty of ..

flush public toilet

POLL: How do you flush a public toilet?

Do you go through this to flush a public toilet?   Almost 60% of Americans say they flush public restroom toilets with their foot to avoid coming into contact with germs. That’s according to a 2016 Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted by Bradley Corporation. Flushing with your foot, then leaving immediately, may be a good ..

healthy bathroom

CLICK AND LEARN: How Healthy is Your Restroom?

Take a look at the interactive image below. Does this look like a clean restroom to you? Yes, it does look clean. But, is it a healthy clean? Click and learn to find out!   Get CleanFeed articles straight in your inbox. Sign-up!..

poll-germ hot spots

POLL: Which of these germ hot spots do you find most disgusting to touch?

Germs are everywhere and they get around in many ways: by air, land and water. From sneezes and coughs, insects or other carriers, blood or other body fluids, contaminated food or water, and cross-contamination, germs have no trouble getting around. Perhaps one of the easiest ways for them to travel is via contaminated surfaces, or ..

apartment building

SLIDESHOW: 6 Germy Places in Your Apartment Community

Renting an apartment can have many benefits such as not having to do yard work, built-in maintenance service if the air conditioner is on the fritz and the freedom to move suddenly if you have to. Apartment living also comes with many perks in the form of cool amenities including a pool, fitness center or ..


SLIDESHOW: 9 Handwashing statistics that’ll make you feel dirty

Infection control is a hot topic right now due to the Ebola outbreak in various parts of the world and Enterovirus (EV-D68), which is affecting children and teenagers across most of the United States. Sometimes, it is only after a disaster or tragedy that the general population becomes aware of infectious diseases. This cold and ..


3 things NOT to give your Valentine this year

Valentine’s Day is only a week away. You may be wondering what to buy to make the day special. We can’t give you shopping advice but here are 3 things to avoid giving your sweetest this year: Your cold. Give her your heart, but keep your sneezes and coughs to yourself. Watch how germs can ..


Who’s Got More Germs, Men Or Women?

Valentine’s Day conjures up images of flowers and heart-shaped chocolates. In the spirit of the day, we found some answers in the debate that’s as old as time: who’s got more cooties, men or women? A study led by “Dr. Germ,” aka Dr. Charles Gerba, Coverall Spokesperson and Professor of Microbiology at University of Arizona, ..

It’s a question that dates back to the first grade: who’s the carrier of the cooties? Or, to be more exact, who carries more germs, women or men?

Battle of the Sexes: Who’s Got More Germs?

It’s a question that dates back to the first grade: who’s the carrier of the cooties? Or, to be more exact, who carries more germs, women or men? First let’s start off acknowledging this: both men and women work in pretty germy surroundings. With most of us working indoors and in close proximity to other ..