Office Pet Peeves

What’s Your Biggest Office Pet Peeve?

What’s the one thing that you wish wouldn’t happen at work? Is it the smelly bathroom, sick coworkers or messy office? Maybe it’s the loud talkers or messy refrigerator? Whatever it is, we want to know your biggest office pet peeve. Vote and find out what others picked. Get CleanFeed articles straight in your inbox. ..

How do you keep your office clean?

4 Steps to a Cleaner Office

Online guides for office-related problems are useful and extremely popular and it’s a no-brainer – with 40 or more hours per week at your desk or cubicle, it makes sense to find ways to create a paperless office, a productive one, and even stress-free. What about a cleaner office? A grimy and unkempt office doesn’t ..

4 Questions to Ask About Fall and Flu Season

Questions to Ask About Fall and Flu Season

Autumn is upon us. How do you notice fall is here? Is it the pumpkin-flavored coffees at your favorite café, sweaters on sale at the mall or the telltale sign of fall – changing leaves and cooler temperatures? For many, fall brings the dreaded flu. There is still no concrete explanation as to why flu ..


SLIDESHOW: 9 Handwashing statistics that’ll make you feel dirty

Infection control is a hot topic right now due to the Ebola outbreak in various parts of the world and Enterovirus (EV-D68), which is affecting children and teenagers across most of the United States. Sometimes, it is only after a disaster or tragedy that the general population becomes aware of infectious diseases. This cold and ..


9 Confessions about Germs

One of the perks of being online is the ability to express yourself in different ways through social media, phone apps and other popular channels of expression. Whisper, an app that has skyrocketed in popularity, allows users to post confessions ranging from humorous happenings to serious situations and other random life lessons. So what are ..

Another Way to Prevent Office Germ Spread – The Fist Bump

The Fist Bump – Another Way to Prevent Office Germ Spread

By now you’ve read all sorts of ways to avoid germ spread, especially on this blog. Don’t touch this, or sanitize that, and how to sneeze to reduce germ spread. A new study shows that there’s another way to add to your long list of germ avoidance – fist bumping. In the last few weeks, ..


3 things NOT to give your Valentine this year

Valentine’s Day is only a week away. You may be wondering what to buy to make the day special. We can’t give you shopping advice but here are 3 things to avoid giving your sweetest this year: Your cold. Give her your heart, but keep your sneezes and coughs to yourself. Watch how germs can ..


Who’s Got More Germs, Men Or Women?

Valentine’s Day conjures up images of flowers and heart-shaped chocolates. In the spirit of the day, we found some answers in the debate that’s as old as time: who’s got more cooties, men or women? A study led by “Dr. Germ,” aka Dr. Charles Gerba, Coverall Spokesperson and Professor of Microbiology at University of Arizona, ..

It’s a question that dates back to the first grade: who’s the carrier of the cooties? Or, to be more exact, who carries more germs, women or men?

Battle of the Sexes: Who’s Got More Germs?

It’s a question that dates back to the first grade: who’s the carrier of the cooties? Or, to be more exact, who carries more germs, women or men? First let’s start off acknowledging this: both men and women work in pretty germy surroundings. With most of us working indoors and in close proximity to other ..