Then and Now: A Better Vacuum

Sucking up smaller particles


The year was 1901, and the place, England. Hubert Cecil Booth observed a demonstration by an unnamed American inventor of a machine that blew dust off chairs*. After watching the machine at work, inspiration struck and Mr. Booth began thinking:

“…if the system could be reversed…the real solution of the hygienic removal of dust would be obtained.” – Hubert Cecil Booth

Since that observation in 1901, there have been hand held cleaners, wet/dry vacuums, robotic vacuums that clean while you sleep, upright and cyclonic versions that have made their way into janitor’s closets and homes. Most importantly, advances in filtration technology have been focused on removing smaller particles to help improve air quality.

Coverall Franchised Business Owners use the latest advances in cleaning technology including the HEPA filtration vacuum.

Why is this significant?

HEPA vacuums remove 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns – very small. Dust, dirt and bacteria can be sucked up and filtered by the right vacuum rather than hanging around to make you sneeze.

They also reduce the frequency of dusting and are quieter than most vacuums, a huge improvement from what Mr. Booth observed over 100 years ago.

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