Then and Now: Mops, from yarn to polyester

Office cleaning has drastically changed over the years. Flat mops with microfiber result in a better clean than old string mops.Office cleaning has drastically changed over the years. Flat mops with microfiber result in a better clean than old string mops.

Mops haven’t changed that much over the years. The word mop, derived from the Middle English mappe, has been around since the 14th century*. Back then mops were constructed by a blacksmith (along with weapons, furniture, cooking utensils and other tools). After creating the mop nail, pieces of material were pushed through the nail and then the nail was pounded into a handle.*

Fast forward a few centuries to 1937 in America, and it was inventor Jacob Howe who received a patent for a mop holder. Still today we use a long handle with attached textiles, but there are different and more effective versions. Microfiber, consisting of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide blend, often replaces cotton or other textiles. (Why microfiber? Find out why microfiber results in a better clean.) Instead of old-fashioned string mops, flat mop heads, long and rectangular in shape, are mounted to the handle with Velcro, clamps, plastic claws or pouches.

Another important advancement is the mop bucket. Despite improved cleaning tools available today, many janitors are still dipping string mops into mop buckets with a wringer. They carry or roll their bucket from room to room, reusing dirty water and spreading the same grime to the rest of your floors.

Our Core 4SM Process uses a no-dip, color-coded microfiber flat mopping system with a self-dispensing bucket to remove the maximum amount of soil and germs and avoid cross-contamination. The flat mop head makes is easier to clean corners and hard-to reach places and ensures that floors are always mopped with a clean solution.

But it doesn’t end there.

Learn about all the cleaning components that make the Coverall® Program a commercial cleaning leader.

*Maggie’s Memories. Childhood Memories of Hickling. Privately published memoirs.


Post Author: Natalia Rex
Natalia Rex is the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Coverall. In 2012 she earned her Master of Arts degree in Communication. Her background includes instruction, social media, publication and visual arts.

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